Cesys EFM02 USB3 Board

Cesys efm02 top

EFM02 – USB3 development board

Spartan-6 FPGA module, DDR2 SDRAM, Flash and superspeed USB 3.0 interface

Main Features :

  • 2Gbit DDR2
  • Up to 191 user IO
  • Xilinx Spartan-6LX® FPGA
    versions available:
  • 64Mbit dual SPI flash
  • USB3 controller : CYPRESS™ FX3
  • EFM02-45-3I (XC6SLX45-3FGG484I) Price : 420$
Block diagram is the following :
Cesys efm02 Block diagram
Cesys efm02
Cesys efm02 bot
All Features

  • USB3.0 SuperSpeed interface through versatile CypressTM EZ-FX3 controller
  • USB bus-powered, no external power supply necessary
  • Optional self-powered mode available
  • 32bit Slave FIFO interface
  • Two FX3 GPIO on expansion connector
  • XilinxTM Spartan-6 FPGA (LX45, LX100 or LX150)
  • Up to 191 single-ended (95 differential) IOs on high-quality high-speed SamtecTM
    connectors (QSE-060-01), including several GCLK inputs
  • 157 single-ended (78 differential) IOs identical throughout EFM-02B line-up
  • Independent power supply option for FPGA bank 0 and/or bank 1
  • 2Gbit DDR2 memory
  • 64Mbit dual SPI configuration/data memory
  • High stability 100MHz +/-25ppm onboard clock oscillator
  • Mounting position for optional user clock oscillator (industry standard 5mm*7mm)
  • 1Mbit (512kbit1) I²C EEPROM for FX3 configuration data
  • I²C interface available on expansion connector to increase available FX3 configuration memory for standalone applications
  • FPGA configuration from SPI memory, JTAG or USB
  • One user, two status leds
  • JTAG for FPGA and FX3 controller available on expansion connectors
  • Small sized PCB only measures 52,6mm x 82,6mm
Breakout board :
Cesys efm02 breakout board
Features :

  • HSMC to HE10 connectors
  • PCB has two layers, not for high-speed applications
  • Price : 75$

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